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Former Worlds Heavyweight Boxing Champion Tommy "the Machine" Gunn faced Working-class Waitress-turned Krav Maga Specialist Slim Hiller.

Tommy Gunn[]

Gunn left his hometown in Oklahoma, moving to Philadelphia in Rocky V with only a few hundred dollars to his name. He sought out Rocky Balboa when arriving in Philadelphia, hoping that Rocky would train him. At first, Balboa was reluctant due to the feeling that managing wasn’t for him, but after seeing Gunn’s persistence and skills, he decided to give him a shot. Balboa trained Gunn to 14 consecutive victories in the heavyweight division. During this time, the media began calling Gunn the ‘’Clone Ranger’’ and ‘’Rocky’s Robot’’ due to the similar styles. Gunn eventually left Balboa and signed a contract with George Washington Duke; Duke offered Gunn a title fight and more money. Gunn would go on to defeat Union Cane, capturing the World Heavyweight Championship. Despite the victory, the press still labelled Gunn as Balboa’s clone and called him a paper champion. Infuriated, Gunn went to the local bar Balboa was at and challenged him to a fight, Balboa turned down the offer until Gunn punched Paulie. Balboa challenged Gunn to a fight in the street, Gunn accepted and brawled with Balboa. It all ended when Balboa knocked Gunn out, the police then picked Gunn up and arrested him. Following the events of Rocky V, Gunn finished in prison and lost the World Heavyweight Championship in a Rematch to Union Cane. in 1996, as he was resurrecting his hopes for the title, he was defeated by Terry Conklin in a mighty upset.

Slim Hiller[]

Slim (Jennifer Lopez) is a waitress in a Los Angeles diner where she meets Mitch Hiller (Billy Campbell), who wards off a rude man trying to hit on her. They eventually marry, have a daughter named Gracie (Tessa Allen), and live happily in an expensive house.

Some years later, Slim finds out Mitch has been cheating on her and, when she threatens to leave, he begins to beat and threaten her. Saying as he makes the money in the family, he gets to do whatever he likes, and he won't end his affair unless she wants to fight him.

Slim goes to Mitch's mother (Janet Carroll) about the abuse, but she is unsympathetic and implies the abuse is Slim's fault. Her best friend Ginny (Juliette Lewis) tells her to leave him and press charges, but when she goes to the police, there's little they can do to protect her.

Mitch tells Slim he knows she discussed the abuse with his mother, beating her again, and she realizes she has no other choice but to take Gracie and leave. Slim enlists her friends to help her and Gracie escape late at night, but Mitch foils the plan. After some struggle, they all escape.

Mitch freezes and empties Slim's bank accounts, leaving her unable to rent a room. Tracking her down at a cheap motel, he tries to break into the room, but she escapes with Gracie, moving to Seattle to stay with an old friend, Joe (Dan Futterman).

The next day, men posing as police detectives show up and threaten Joe, destroying his apartment. Slim then goes to her wealthy, estranged father, Jupiter (Fred Ward). Even though Slim sent several unanswered letters to him as a child, Jupiter claims he's unaware of her existence and believes she's just after money, offering her only $12. Slim and Gracie briefly find refuge at a commune, where Jupiter later contacts her, revealing that Mitch's associates had threatened him, which piqued his interest. He sends her a large sum of money, which allows her to set up a new life under a new identity, and he lets her know to reach out if she needs more.

Joe visits Slim, but Mitch tracks her down and she escapes with Gracie. Consulting a lawyer, she's warned there is little she can do. Slim then goes into hiding in San Francisco and sends Gracie away to safety while she trains in Krav Maga self defense. She breaks into Mitch's new home and hides his guns, jams the phone, plants fake letters saying she is there to discuss custody of Gracie, and awaits his return. When he arrives, they fight and Slim beats Mitch unconscious, and eventually knocks him off a balcony to his death. The police regard her actions as self-defense. Slim and Gracie reunite and go to live with Joe in Seattle.