the citrus bowl, hosting Wrestlemania XXIV, was attacked by SV's revolutionary armed guerrillas and mercinaries

the 2nd phase of south vermillion's vietnam war began when south vermillion supported the CCPE in the 6/11 attacks. Nathan J. Wallace and leaders of IAR, UAAG, GAI, NATO and the United Nations then called for the establishment of an international and intergalactic military coalition. their overall objective is to eject the sv revolution from thousand trails to force SV to the negotiation table. SV's abuja roasts was the controversial part of this war it reads everything that SV's revolutionary leaders says. it arrogantly refused peace talks and refused to pull it's forces out of thousand trails, expels diplomats from certain states and countries and executed those who disobeyed the SV regime. as a result of SV's unprovoked attack on the citrus bowl and wrestlemania XXIV, the United Nations in conjunction with the United world of schools and collages gave south vermillion until election day 2008 to withdraw from all illegally occupied territories otherwise the coalition will use 'all necessary means'.

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