Nathan Wallace's Dream Chojin Wrestling 20th Anniversary Special!! was a pro-wrestling Mega-event held by Chojin Crown Galactic Wrestling on October 14th 2018 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, New York, USA and presented on HDTV and internet global tv by Nathan's Coliseum Video, Weekly Wallace, Dreamland World Weekly, Fite TV, Twitch HonorClub, NJPW World and DAZN. it featured pro Wrestlers from 123 different promotions.

the main event featured Nathan Joseph Wallace, the newest Member of Bullet Club and a mega star of Global Force Wrestling, celebrating the 20th anniversary of his founding of his vision of Chojin Wrestling by defeating "professional" Peter Avalon in a Steel Cage match titled "High Stakes, High Risks". the co-features featured Nathan's Bullet Club team-mates Team Captain Steve Kennedy and Too Hot Zach Owen win 2 versions of the AWA World Heavyweight Championship from Stan Hansen and Larry Zbyszko respectively.

Build up Edit

Nathan's Dream Edit

ALL IN in September Edit

the 1st reason Nathan wanted a Big Mega Show in October is because he was awe inspired and bedazzled by All In in September 2nd in the Sears Center in Chicago, Illinois. and thought to himself the he want to do an Autistic Wrestling version of All In and bring in WWE and several Indie Wrestling Promotions. and after Watching Best in the Yard 4 he wants to add Backyard Wrestling promotions to his event and bring them into the fold of the Autistica Wrestling forefront.

Preparations Edit

in August, Nathan Wallace chose the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, New York to host this Mega Event.

Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2018 Edit

the event was scheduled on October 14th the same date as Impact Wrestling's Bound for Glory 2018 at the Melrose Ballroom in Queens, New York. both Bound for Glory and this event on the same day was part one of what the Galactic Wrestling called "The Road To The Global Heavyweight Title" , a tournament of sorts, spanning four events, to crown the new GFW Global Heavyweight Championship following Roman Reign's relinquishing of the belt.

Bound For Glory 2018 matches include:

Nathan realized that 75% of Impact Wrestling talent and 25% of Nate's MMA Fighters have already been signed for Bound for Glory but however he saw that 25% of Impact Wrestling talent are NOT scheduled for Bound for Glory so he decided to bring over KM & Fallah Bahh, the Smokeshow Scarlett Bordeaux, Alisha Edwards and Ava Storie in the "Calm before the Mega-storm" pre-show event but put in a winning clause that whoever gives a best performance in his/her match at Bound for Glory is then eligible for the main show versus Dak Ryan (Teen Backyard Wrestling's World Champion) in his "Extreme Rules Challenge match"

Organizations/Promotions/Federations ALL IN for the Event Edit

  1. Global Force Wrestling
  2. Chojin Crown Galactic Wrestling
  3. Big Time Space Wrestling
  4. World Wide Fighting
  5. Chojin Super Hero Wrestling Association
  6. Chojin Super Hero Wrestling Federation
  7. Chojin Super Hero Wrestling Council
  8. Chojin Super Hero Wrestling Organization
  9. International Super Hero Wrestling Association
  10. International Super Hero Wrestling Council
  11. International Super Hero Wrestling Federation
  12. International Super Hero Wrestling Organization
  13. Global Super Hero Wrestling Association
  14. Global Super Hero Wrestling Council
  15. Global Super Hero Wrestling Organization
  16. Global Super Hero Wrestling Federation
  17. WWE Monday Night Raw
  18. WWE Smackdown Live
  19. WWE Velocity
  20. WWE NXT
  21. Florida Championship Wrestling
  22. CWA Memphis
  23. American Wrestling Association
  24. New Japan Pro Wrestling
  25. All Japan Pro Wrestling
  26. Frontier Martial-arts Wrestling
  27. tofu World Idol pro Wrestling
  28. WSW Australia
  29. Defiant Wrestling
  30. United Wrestling Network
  31. Impact Wrestling
  32. Border City Wrestling
  33. WrestlePro
  34. ASW Mid-Atlantic
  35. Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts
  36. Ring of Honor Wrestling
  37. Major League Wrestling
  38. Extreme Championship Wrestling
  39. Chikara
  40. Big Time Portland Wrestling
  41. Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  42. Lingerie Women's Wrestling League
  43. Pillow Fight League
  44. AIWC
  45. VTW
  46. UWE
  47. NUW
  48. KBW
  49. DBW
  50. UCBW
  51. BYW Northeast
  52. MEBW
  53. US Amateur Boxing
  54. US Greco-Roman Wrestling
  55. US Freestyle Wrestling

Matches Edit

TBW's Dak Ryan vs Impact Wrestling Edit

MAIN EVENT #1: Texas Bullrope Match for the AWA 3rd Belt World Heavyweight Championship Edit

MAIN EVENT #2: 2-out-of-3-falls match for the AWA Interim World Heavyweight Championship Edit

MAIN EVENT #3: STEEL CAGE MATCH: Nathan Joseph Wallace Vs. Professional Peter Avalon Edit

Photo Gallery Edit

Photo 1547932539815
Photo 1547026814581

the ring apron of the event

Staff working the Event Edit

Commentators Edit

Play-by-play Edit

Commentator Name Representing
Damon the Dog Perry PRIDE FC
"El Guapo" Bas Rutten PRIDE FC
Cyrus Fees GFW
Chael Sonnen GFW
Michael Schivello Fite.TV
Guy Mezger Fite.TV
Jim Lampley HBO
Larry Merchant HBO
Sugar Ray Leonard HBO
Bruce Beck UFC
Jeff Blatnik UFC
David Melvin Frost Weekly Wallace UK
Outback Jack Weekly Wallace Australia/NZ
Keith Jackson ABC
Alex Wallau ABC

Guests Edit

Ring Announcer Edit

Ring Announcer's Name Representing
Brandon Baxter GFW
Lenne Hardt PRIDE FC
Steve Rossi UWF
Bruce Buffer UFC
The Bow Tied Oakley CSHWA
Ed Darian ABC

Backstage Interviewer Edit

Interviewers Name Representing
Frank E UWF
Steven Quadros PRIDE FC
Eddie Bravo UFC
Frank Gifford ABC
Larry Nelson AWA

Referees Edit

  • Bob Warren (AWA)
  • Richard Steele (WBC)
  • Octavio Meyran (WBC)
  • Bob Sirte (ABA)
  • Mr. Toshah of Iran (ABA)
  • Mr. Chang Pak Kim of South Korea (Korean Tae Kwon Do Association)
  • Jessio Hernandez (UWF)
  • Harley Hog (UWF)
  • Dominic Nastasio (UWF)
  • Pete Enriquez (UWF)
  • Mike Figeroa (WCCWA)
  • Marty Miller (AWA)
  • Mike Enus (CWA)
  • Gold Face (NUW)
  • Carlos Barocal (WBA)
  • Count Skelor (Big Time Space Wrestling)
  • Lucien Jobert (WBA)
  • Yuji Shimata
  • Daisuke Naguchi

other officials Edit

Timekeeper Edit

  • Lawrence Quarry
  • Mike Uchella
  • Al Tremary

Keeping count of the Knockdowns Edit

  • Chilli Fiore
  • Arcenio Burnel
  • Al Bisek

Paramedic Edit

  • Don Corcello

doctors in attendance Edit

  • Joe Palecino
  • Frank B. Doggett
  • Stanley Edin
  • Ken Remcin
  • JR Hitchian
  • Dr. James wish Game
  • Richard Istrico
  • Cutman Leon Tabbs

Judges (Chaos-Rules 12 5-minute round bouts only) Edit

  • Wally Skiff
  • Herman Ducret
  • Ernest Cojo
  • Duane Ford
  • Dave Moretti
  • Lou Fillipo
  • Franz Marti
  • JoJo Guerra
  • Harold Letterman
  • Dicky Cole
  • Masato Mizaoka
  • Tatsuya Kurozumi
  • Kesuke Nakagawa
  • Takao Tomotaki
  • Atsushi Onari

Sanctioning Bodies supervising the event Edit

  • New York State Athletic Commission
  • New Jersey State Athletic Control Board
  • NYC boxing and Wrestling board
  • Autistica New York Department of Athletic regulations and safety

Results Edit

Match # Result Stipulation match type time
Pre-Show 1 Stark Supremacy (Everett Creede, Jason Atlas and Insanity) (UWE) Defeated KM and Fallah Bahh (Impact Wrestling), Hard Corporation (Big Daddy A and Slick Ric) (AIWC's World Tag Team Champions) and Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend) (United Wrestling Network's World Tag Team Champions) inter promotional 4-way non-title tag team Street fight match
Pre-Show 2 Midnight (AIWC) defeated Mean Mike Miller (Big Time Portland Wrestling), Lorenzo Simpson (US Amateur Boxing) and Hard Head (Teen Backyard Wrestling) GFW NEX-GEN 4 way Rising stars showcase match 0:50
Pre-Show 3 The Great Seiya Sanada (Los Ingobernables de Japon and NJPW) defeated Red Dawn (AIWC) and New Assasin ( GFW X-Division Triple Threat Rising Stars showcase match
Pre-Show 4 Brooke Fairchild (LWWL) defeated Dinah Mite (Pillow fight League), Erin Coladgo (US Greco-Roman Wrestling), Adeline Gray (US Freestyle Wrestling) and Hollywood (GLOW) GFW Women's Divison Rising Stars 5-way Showcase match
Pre-show 5 Anastasia ana Steele-grey (Global Force Wrestling) defeated Eve Torres (WWE), NJW XI (Los Nachismos and Global Force Wrestling), The Cut (Franny and Pauline Avery and Dtv. Malloy) (CSHWF), Wally Tusket (CCGW), dmp (Kevin Mask, Checkmate and Eskara) (CSHWA), Shivano (CSHWA), Sunshine Supreme (CSHWF), Neptuneman (CSHWA), Big Budo (ISHWA), Young Sheldon Cooper (ISHWF), Bray Wyatt (WWE Raw), Bone Cold (big time space wrestling), Skulduggery (big time space wrestling), "the Smokeshow" Scarlett Bordeaux (Impact Wrestling), Bullet Club (Finn Balor (WWE Raw), Super Kidd Phillips (CSHWA), Adnaan (UWE), Tyler Storm (KBW), Eddie Bannon (BYW Northeast) ), Beth Phoenix (WWE), Karou (BCW), A-1 (BCW), Angelique Stark (UWE), "Marinara man" Mike Prillo (NUW), Zach "the hellhond" Romig (NUW), Kid Muscle (CCGW), TJ Sacara (NUW), Dale Blackwell (VTW), D-lock (VTW), Roscoe Pagan (VTW), "King of the Midway" Oliver Grimsly (UWN), Suede Thompson (UWN), Robert Baines (UWN), Kevin Blackwood (Smash Wrestling), Tyler Bateman (UWN), Soul Burners (Tomaste and Sandra Moone) (UWN), Heather Monroe (UWN), Toshiaki Kawada (AJPW), Dasher Hatfield (Chikara), Bobby Lashley w/ lio rush (WWE Raw), Zakk Daniels (DBW), Mr. Azerbaijan (Chikara), Kent Mansley (CSHWC), Hogarth (CSHWC), Aaron Jones (DBW), Gene Ryack (GSHWA), Col. Hal Moore (GSHWC), Mr. Judgement (DBW), Ava Storie (Impact Wrestling), Amber Nova (NXT), Alicia Edwards (Impact Wrestling), Tyler Adams (MEBW), Chris Storm (MEBW), Bama Kid (KBW) 60 person 3 ring $100,000 Pre-show Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender for the ECW Unified World Heavyweight Championship
1 Richie Rich (CSHWA) defeated Eva (CSHWO) singles match 1 fall 20 minutes
2 Bullet Club (Marty Scurll and Hangman Adam Page) (NJPW/ROH) defeated Jhe Jackyl (CSHWC), the Dogma Consortium (GSHWO), The Wretched refuge of the Gothican devils (GSHWO), the Glick Ascendancy (GSHWO), Home Alone Wrecking crew (CSHWF) Trap Match
3 Megumi Kudo (FMW) defeated Leelow (CSHWF), Baby Doll (GSHWF), Black Swan (Defiant Wrestling), Madison Belle (World Wide Fighting), Marybeth Louis Hutchinson (GSHWO), Buffy '92 (CSHWA), Diana Murphy (UWN), Linda Barrett (UWN), Stokes (ISHWC), Louise Miller (GSHWA), Megan Pastorchik (Miss Hooters Intl.) and Uma Jolie (Penthouse pets fight) GFW Women's division Gauntlet match
4 Anastasia ana Steele-grey (Global Force Wrestling) defeated Rhyno (ECW) (c) -TITLE CHANGE!!!- Extreme Rules match for the ECW Unified World Heavyweight Championship
5 Jurina Matsui (tofu World Idol Pro Wrestling) defeated Bel Pierce (WSW Australia) "Australia vs Japan" Singles match
6 Jason Lee Scott II (Global Force Wrestling) defeated Jim Preston (ISHWO) "205 lbs respiration" Singles match
7 Eggsy Unwin (Defiant Wrestling) defeated The Miz (WWE Smackdown Live) "A-lister vs Hollywood" Singles match
8 Leslie Rodgers (Global Force Wrestling) defeated Kelly Kelly (Florida Championship Wrestling), Stacy Keibler (WWE Velocity), Princess Paige Morgan (Defiant Wrestling) , Amanda Cerny (Playboy Wrestling) and Danielle (Playboy Wrestling) GFW Women's Division 6-pack challenge match
9 Brother Nero (OMEGA) defeated Noven (NUW) New York City Street fight match
10 WWE NXT (Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, NXT World Tag Team Champions Kyle O'reily and Roderick Strong) and NXT World Women's Champion Shayna Bayzler defeated UCBW (Southern Blade, Matt Maverick, Krush, Mike Dustin and D) 10-man tag team match
11 Princess Kimberlee (Chikara) defeated NUW Continental Champion Darkside (NUW) "Chikara vs NUW" singles match 14:15
12 Tessa Blanchard (Impact Wrestling's Knockouts Champion) defeated Dak Ryan (Teen Backyard Wrestling's World Champion) (w/ Hard Head, Johnny Blade) Special Extreme Rules Challenge match: Teen Backyard Wrestling vs Impact Wrestling 12:07
13 Team Captain Steve Kennedy (Bullet Club and Global Force Wrestling) defeated Stan "the Lariat" Hansen (All Japan Pro Wrestling) (c) -TITLE CHANGE!!!- MAIN EVENT #1: Texas Bullrope match for the AWA 3rd belt World Heavyweight Championship 23:55
14 Too Hot Zack Owen (Bullet Club and Global Force Wrestling) defeated Larry Zbyszko (American Wrestling Association) (c) -TITLE CHANGE!!!- MAIN EVENT #2: 2 out of 3 falls match for the AWA interim World Heavyweight Championship 29:30
15 Nathan Joseph Wallace (Bullet Club and Global Force Wrestling) defeated "Professional" Peter Avalon (United Wrestling Network) by escaping the cage by going through the door MAIN EVENT #3: "High Stakes, High Risks!" 15-foot high Steel Cage match 34:47

Sponsors Edit

  • Autism Speaks
  • Golden Corral
  • Crazy Mike's Ultimate Pizza
  • Pizza Hut
  • Old El Paso
  • Taco Bell
  • Rick's Smokehouse Grill
  • Nissin Cup Noodle
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Mountain Dew
  • Everlast
  • Adidas
  • Aruze
  • NES
  • SNES
  • PS1
  • N64
  • PS2
  • Nintendo GameCube
  • PS3
  • KTFO
  • Chincheck
  • 300- below cryogenics
  • Tapout
  • Full Contact Fighter
  • Ford

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