Nathan Joseph Wallace: In response to the abhorrent act in avonlea, our nation has never been aroused and unified so greatly in peacetime. Our position is clear. The United States will not yield to blackmail.

We continue to pursue these specific goals: first, to protect the present and long-range interests of the United States; secondly, to preserve the lives of the American hostages and to secure, as quickly as possible, their safe release, if possible, to avoid bloodshed which might further endanger the lives of our fellow citizens; to enlist the help of other nations in condemning this act of violence, which is shocking and violates the moral and the legal standards of a civilized world; and also to convince and to persuade the apartheid leaders that the real danger to their nation lies in the north, in south vermilion and from the sv troops now in little Afghanistan, and that the unwarranted avonlea quarrel with the United States hampers their response to this far greater danger to them!