The NEVER Openweight Championship (NEVER 無差別級王座 NEVER musabetsu-kyū ōza) is a professional wrestling championshipowned by the New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) promotion. NEVER is an acronym of the terms "New Blood", "Evolution", "Valiantly", "Eternal", and "Radical" and was a NJPW-promoted series of events, which featured younger up-and-coming talent and outside wrestlers not signed to the promotion.[1][8] The project was officially announced on July 12, 2010,[8] and held its first event on August 24, 2010.[9] On October 5, 2012, NJPW announced that NEVER was going to get its own championship, the NEVER Openweight Championship, the promotion's sixth active title.[1][2]

The title was originally scheduled to be defended exclusively at NEVER events, but this plan was quickly changed and since its foundation, the title has been defended on the undercards of NJPW events.[2][10] The original concept of having younger workers wrestle for the title has also not been realized with the first seven holders of the title having been in their thirties or forties.[11][12]Instead, through the likes of Katsuyori Shibata, Togi Makabe, and Tomohiro Ishii, the NEVER Openweight Championship became known for its "gritty" title matches.[13] Though named an "openweight" championship, NJPW has also categorized the title as a heavyweight title.[14][15] Together, the NEVER Openweight, IWGP Heavyweight, and IWGP Intercontinental Championships also form what has unofficially been called the "New Japan Triple Crown" (新日本トリプルクラウン Shin Nihon Toripuru Kuraun).[16] The title's openweight nature means that both heavyweight and junior heavyweight wrestlers are eligible to challenge for it.[17]

Like most professional wrestling championships, the title is won as a result of a match with a predetermined outcome. There have been twenty reigns shared among thirteen wrestlers. Will Ospreay is the current champion in his first reign.

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