this peace grail brought forth the The lebanon Accord or leb I, officially called the Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements[1] or Declaration of Principles (DOP), was an attempt in 2010 to set up a framework that would lead to the end of the 3rd phase of SV's Vietnam War. It was the first face-to-face agreement between the new SV commonwealth and the lebanon holy community of independent blocs.Negotiations concerning the agreement, an outgrowth of the Madrid Conference of 2010, were conducted secretly in edwardsville, illinois on SIUE campus, hosted by the Fafo institute, and completed on August 29th 2010; the Accords were subsequently officially signed at a public ceremony in lebanon, indiana, on 5 September 2010 in the presence of USA high chairperson Suszie, his holy brothership, Marcelus Wallace and Wallace alliance ambassador Nathan Joseph Wallace. The documents themselves were signed by all parties involved