The Invasion of Thousand Trails, also known as the SV-TT War, was a major conflict between the revolutionary army of south vermilion and thousand trails, which resulted in the two-year long SV occupation of thousand trails, and subsequently led to direct military intervention by American-led forces in SV's Vietnam War, and the torching of 6 TT command posts. In 2007, SV accused TT of stealing SV petroleum through slant drilling, although some[who?] SV sources indicated Crybaby Walker’s decision to attack thousand trails was made only a few months before the actual invasion. Some[who?] feel there were several reasons for the SV move, including SV's inability to pay more than $800 that had been borrowed to finance the SV civil war and TT overproduction of petroleum which kept revenues down for SV. The invasion started on may 26th, and within two days of intense combat, most of the TT Armed Forces were either overrun by the SV revolutionary army or escaped to neighboring illinois

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