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"Four people got out of the car, three guys and a girl, and one of them walked directly into the Café 80s. He was a big guy. Huge. He wore black pants and a wicked-looking jacket over a black chain mail shirt. Each of his boots was adorned with a sharp metallic rhinoceros horn. A cap full of sharp metal spikes was strapped to his head."

—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 32)
"Hey, Gramps, I told you two coats of wax on my car, not just one! GRAMPS! What the hell am I paying you for?!"
—Griff at Biff
"He [Griff] turned and looked at Marty, with a gaze that held no kindness, no humor, no mercy — only contempt that something as low as a McFly should sully the face of the earth."
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 34)

Griffin "Griff" Thomas Tannen was the grandson of Biff Tannen in 2015, and was very similar to his grandfather at a younger age.



Boxing Record
# Result Record Date Flag Opponett Location RD Time Type Notes
10 WIN August 1991 Greg Gagne Madison Square Garden '82 Arena Tournament finale for the vacant WBA World Heavyweight Championship
9 WIN 8-0-1 June 1991 Harry Bosko USO Arena WBA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semifinal
8 WIN 7-0-1 May 1991 Tim Simms Disco Ballroom WBA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament 1st Round bout
7 WIN 6-0-1 November 1990 Baldwin Disco Ballroom TKO #1 Contenders/Title Eliminator match recognized by the WBA
6 DRAW 5-0-1 September 1990 Wade "Crybaby" Walker Beehive Draw


29-28 28-28

5 WIN 5-0 March 1990 USO Arena KO for the USBF California State Heavyweight Championship
4 WIN 4-0 February 1990 Boudoir Arena KO
3 WIN 3-0 December 1989 Snowy Temple Grounds KO
2 WIN 2-0 October 1989 Texas Western Arena KO
1 WIN 1-0 September 1989 River Bed Field area KO