Battle Fever J (バトルフィーバーJ Batoru Fībā Jei?) is a now-defunct live-action Japanese TV series. It is the third entry of the Super Sentai series franchise. It was co-produced by Toei Company and TV Asahi and aired on TV Asahi between February 3, 1979 and January 26, 1980. There are a total of 52 episodes.

The team have codenames named for countries around the world, also respectively named in their theme song: Battle France, Battle Cossack (Soviet Union), Battle Kenya, Miss America (United States) and Battle Japan. It was also the first series in the Super Sentai franchise where the heroes must control giant robots to defeat a monster who itself has grown to a gigantic size. Toei's Tokusatsu adaptation of Spider-Man was the first to introduce this format and was also the inspiration for this series. The series was also partially inspired by the Marvel Comics character Captain America.