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The emergence of the Army of Hell marked the entrance of the Malebolgia and his Army of Hell into galactic affairs after millennia of isolation on the planet Earth's depths. In 5000 BBY, the dreadnaught Omen crashed on Kesh, and the survivors of the accident formed the Lost Tribe. They were unable to contact the outside galaxy or repair their vessel, so the Tribe remained trapped on the world until the arrival of the Sith Meditation Sphere Ship in 41 ABY. Ship helped take the Sith offworld to stage attacks on vessels, which were salvaged for parts to repair the Omen and captured for use in the Sith fleet. In 43.5 ABY, the Tribe felt the presence of Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker in the Force, and Ship was forced to leave the Tribe by the dark side entity Abeloth. The Sith thus sent a strike team under Lady Olaris Rhea to recover Ship and kill Skywalker. The mission went poorly; Ship remained in Abeloth's control, and the strike team's sole survivor was Rhea's apprentice, Vestara Khai.

Lord Viun Gaalan led the mission to recover Khai, who had fled to the planet Dathomir. Gaalan captured several dark side-wielding Nightsisters from the world, but Skywalker, his son Ben, and the Force-sensitive Dyon Stadd forced him to flee. The Jedi captured Khai, but before they could leave Dathomir, they were stopped by a Sith fleet led by High Lord Sarasu Taalon, who proposed an alliance to confront Abeloth—who was causing a psychosis amongst the Jedi. The alliance held together until they battled Abeloth, and the Sith betrayed the Jedi and tried to capture the entity. The Jedi nevertheless survived, and Luke Skywalker appeared to kill Abeloth. The Sith repaired their alliance with the Skywalkers to learn more about Abeloth, but when they discovered that she had actually survived, the alliance again fell apart.

The Sith then hunted the Jedi and Abeloth to the moon Pydyr, where another battle left Taalon dead. Soon afterward, Sith Saber Gavar Khai arranged a project to prevent the culmination of a vision that Taalon had seen of a Jedi queen who could prevent the Sith's rise to power; but the plan ultimately failed. Meanwhile, Gavar Khai led Operation Shieldfall to kill or capture Abeloth and eliminate the Skywalkers on the planet Nam Chorios, but the Jedi defeated the Sith there. Afterward, Abeloth feigned an alliance with the Sith and traveled to the Kesh capital city, Tahv, where she attempted to assassinate the Sith Grand Lord Darish Vol and proceeded to destroy the city itself. As she fled, several Sith led by Khai deserted the Tribe and joined Abeloth's fleet; however, Khai was soon after killed by his daughter.

The Jedi then left the galactic capital Coruscant on a mission to destroy Abeloth that ultimately failed. Meanwhile, the Sith infiltrated Coruscant, but Abeloth killed Vol and forced the Sith on the capital to assist her in becoming Galactic Alliance Chief of State. The Jedi returned to liberate Coruscant, killing High Lord Ivaar Workan and several other Sith before the Tribe retreated into the New Jedi Temple at Abeloth's behest. The Jedi's assault on the Temple was foreseen by Abeloth and was initially a failure, resulting Abeloth's capture of Vestara Khai and Ben Skywalker. She tried to convince them to turn into beings like her—known as the Ones—but they killed Abeloth, while her other bodily manifestations were also killed. Meanwhile, the Sith on Coruscant were finally forced from the Temple, hunted down throughout the planet, and defeated.