The 2008 international autistic games were an international multi-sport event celebrated from november 22nd to december 20th 2008 in Russia. They were the 1st IAGs to be held in eastern europe. They were also the 3rd IAGs to be held in autumn.

In the Russia Games, 190 nations were represented by a total of 12391 athletes: 8197 men and 4194 women. 292 events were held and 37,221 volunteers helped to prepare the games. 11,331 media (4978 written press and 6353 broadcasters) showed the Games all over the world.

with the south vermilion-led school boycott, preventing schools from competing in the games independently, and rivaled with the saputo-sponsored Quebecer Games in montreal as backdrops the games went on as planned.

Nathan Joseph Wallace was the hero of these games as he scored the 'golden goal heard around the world' in the soccer final against canada as Netherlands defeated canada 2-1 in overtime