in SVMS their world is changed 8th Graders populated by canadians and 7th grade laziness and 6th grade scary kids lurks around 

but in SVHS their world is under attack by an unknown threat. high schoolers evacuate the school and where their heading is on a course with SVMS.

from there their destinies will be changed.....forever.

Nathan J. Wallace: guys i don't believe we are in high school anymore 

the laziness of scary kids and canadians will come face-to-face with the very best high school has to offer:

kaysey clem- senior-sea operations expert 

jeremy wardle- sophomore -vehicle operations expert 

justin hambright- freshman-ground operations expert 

keith lamb-senior-motorcycle operation expert  

and finally Nathan J. Wallace-junior-air and space operations expert 

whatever the situation they are ready!

the Story begins....... Edit

the Middle School world changed Edit

Master Card Masters of Music for the Commonwealths Trust Edit

Cheeseburger in Paradise Edit

Crazy 6th Grader Edit

the Toast 1 Edit

the High School World was peaceful Edit

Taco Bell Justle Race Edit

The Toast 2 Edit

Shake-sphere Edit

High School Under Attack Edit

Explosions! Edit

just then 2 Terrorist bombs exploded in 2 villages! Nathan tried to freeze a Suspect in Chalaroi trying to escape but he set off a Bomb as Well.

Its Morphin Time! Edit

"Overdrive Accelerate!"

"Boukenger Start Up!"

"Go Go Changer! Start up!"

"Ancien Regime, tri-colure!"

"Magical Source, Mystic Force!"

"Mahou Henshin! Mag Magi Majiro!"

"Tenphou Henshin! Gol Goldu Goljiro!"

"SPD Emergency!"

"Emergency Dekabreak!"

"Dino Thunder Power Up!"

"Bakkryu Change!"

"Venus Power! Mars Power! Jupiter Power! Mercury Power! Luna Prism Power! Moon Prism Power! Make Up!"

"Ninja Storm Ranger Form! Thunder Storm Ranger Form! Samurai Storm Ranger Form!"

"Ninpuu Shinobi Change!"

"Its Morphin Time!"

the Evacuation Edit

the Sentai Rangers, Power Rangers and Sailor Senchi along with High School Police and extra law enforcement evacuate buildings and set up command on the barge in the Brussels repair dock. Snipers, Ninjas and SWAT were on rooftops of every building. plus Gas Masks were put on in case of Chemical warfare attack. but a blonde tall Gentleman named Sil captured 2 Russian ambassadors and held them Hostage. all the Students by Bus, Helicopter, Van, Mini Bus, Plane and Boat were safely evacuated.

High Schoolers Land in Middle School Edit

6th, 7th and 8th Graders react to High Schoolers Arrival Edit

the Nice middle schoolers saw the high schoolers arrival at Spyros Louis International Airport and Flight Bay and reacted by chanting slogans like "God Rocks!" and "Youre so Cool!" but mean Middle Schoolers Rioted in neighboring Heavenly Haven

Nathan and Companys Arrival Edit

"Welcome Home"-Nathan

"Welcome Back to Middle School, Marshal Nathan J. Wallace."

the arrival of the Air Force One-type plane carrying Nathan and Teachers and Friends Aboard brought Middle School Airport Security Police out in full force. and theyre arrival got several Oakley Sheeps to sing La Marsailles (French National Anthem) with additional lyrics (Slayer of Culprits, Savior of the World. God Save, God Heal and God Bless this man, Long Live Nathan!)

Cardnial Glick meets Nathan and company on the West side of the Airport where they get on some buses to meet others at the Rendezvous point at East Spin City

High School plan of Mobilazation Edit

they meet at East Spin City where they devise a plan to mobilize the Middle School in several Sub-Sectional Cities, Towns and Villages

High School Teachers will assist the Middle School Teachers Mobilisation

High School Students will reinforce other towns and cities to enforce a 3pm curfew on bad Middle Schoolers

all except for Nathan and the HS Special Ed class who will have to go to Dogma City and the Indigo Plateau to hunt down a Crazy 6th grade kid who hates broocli and bites on any person that moves. Nathan knows full well the risks involved and accepted the mission.

the Huntdown of the Crazy Kid Edit

from hunter to the hunted Edit

Autism sends Mobile Battalions Edit

John Carona sends 4 full Mobile Battalions of Nathan Squads and Clone Troopers to reinforce Nathan and Friends. some from Croatia and Some from Australia

Moriama Snowy Desert skirmish Edit

Battle above the middle school planet Edit

Nathan vs the duel hour raider Edit

the Pursuit Edit

Attack on Duel Hour Moon Edit

the Silver Flame Awakens Edit

Nathan faced with overwhelming odds summoned the beauty and love of venus to form the Silver Flame attack to take hank the Crazy Hammeroid into custody.

Hope Solo panics and Nathan and Friends springs back to action Edit

Clones clear Freemantown sub-division Edit

Prisoner Exchange Edit

Skirmish in the Freeman river Maximum security Stockade Edit

back in the High School world: Sil unlocked Edit

Dragonzord combs the Kammy Desert Edit

the Clinton police Raid inside the High School Edit

the 6th Grade dogs and Clowns Vs Nathan and Friends Edit

The Element of Surprise against 7th Graders Edit

The Hunt Continues for the Crazy 6th Grader Edit

the Evacuation of the Spreewell Base on the gregor moon Edit

BUS IS HERE!!!: Evacuation Edit