Wrestling War battle ground

coalition tanks surging through the 'alliance' blockade in brisbane

the 2001 Wrestling War was the 1st global conflict in the 21st century and the 1st intergalactic conflict to also take place in that century. it was between WWF (WWE) and the UN/NATO coalition and the galatic alliance vs. the 'alliance' comprised of ECW, WCW, NWA, AWA, UWF, WCCW, USWA, CWA, the tan army, the biff empire from alt1985 world. it began on april 1st 2001 at wrestlemania X-7 and ended on november 18th 2001 at survivor series with a victory for wwf and ECW and WCW ceased to exist, this was also a victory for the intergalatic/international coalition that established the Romulus accords and resulted in big change in a peace grail summit in Beijing in march 2002, wwf was renamed wwe, smackdown and raw are officially 'brands' of the company

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